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Just a little more about me

My Name is Sharon Whitlock (pictured on right), mother of four and grandmother to three. Our business is run out of our home, therefore, our customers should expect a loving and lively environment. Having been a nurse for many years, I felt it necessary to concentrate all of my energies to Title 42 acquisitions, so that I may better balance my motherly and grandmotherly duities with our business. My experience in Title 42 processes stems from working for my husbands wrecker service (Whitlock's Wrecker Service, Inc.) the last 20+ years.To my pleasant surprise, I have discovered Title 42 work to be as karmically rewarding as my nursing career. Numerous individuals have had vehicles in their possession for countless years and invested great deals of money and time without acquiring proper titles. It is a great feeling knowing that I have been able to help individuals obtain the proper ownership documents that allows adhearence to local and state laws. My eldest daughter, Shelby (pictured on left), works with me in order to build the business and complete title 42s. Her expertise in the Title 42 process has been invaluable to our growth and success. 


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