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FAQs on **Court Orders

Before you begin this process, make sure the vehicle has not been stolen or does not have any out of state liens against it.

If you bought a vehicle without a tag and/or title, you will need a court order. Court orders can be done in as little as five days, up to a week and a half. After we get the court order process finished for you, you will be legal for the road immediately, just as if you had purchased the vehicle at a dealer with legal paperwork. If the court order process is what you need, contact us at Title Work By Sharon by phone, or send me a text or email with your contact information and your situation, and I will give you a call to get the process started for you and get some paperwork signed. Payments can be made by phone by credit card, you can text/email credit card information, you can send a money order by mail, or you can pay cash in person (whatever is best for you). Thank you for your interest and your time!

Below, I will discuss some Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is a court order?

Answer: A court order is a process that is done in order to retrieve a title to any vehicle (any vehicle that is required to have a title, by law in Oklahoma) such as a car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, boat/boat motor, van, RV, trailer, semi, mobile home, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, manufactured home, etc. Contact Title Work by Sharon to see if this process will work for you.

Question: How long does the process take? Answer: We will start the process as soon as we get the necessary information from you regarding the vehicle and your particular situation, as long as the payment for the job, but it can take anywhere from 5 days to a week and a half (sometimes a bit longer) to get an approval depending on how long it takes to get through the Oklahoma Tax Commission. **KEEP IN MIND, we are dealing with many different government agencies during this process (USPS, OK Tax Commission, Courthouses, etc. We cannot ALWAYS control how much time the process takes! It is very important that we are given enough VALID information on the vehicle in order to obtain a new title for you in a timely manner.)

Question: What information do I need to obtain in order to start the court process? Answer: In order for us to begin, we will need a number of things from you:

-Year of vehicle

-Make of vehicle

-Model of vehicle (if known)

-VIN number

-Tag number (if known)

-Good working phone # to reach you

-Oklahoma address (where vehicle is located)

-New name (for new title)

-New address (for new title)

-How long the vehicle has been in your possession

-Where the vehicle was last registered

-Signed work order (if there was work done) with listed fees of labor and parts

-Copy of your driver's license

-Signed Independent Contract (a form we will have you sign)

- Signed paperwork from us

If there are any questions about any of the above items, please call us and we can answer them. We would be more than glad to help you with the title 42 process, and can help you in any way possible.

Question: What do I do with all of the information, once I am ready to begin the court process?

Answer: Once you have collected all of the info that we need, you can call us, text us, email us, send us the information through the mail, or fill out the form on the Hire Us page, and make a payment and we can begin. You can also meet with us in person, and we can exchange information and payment that way. Whatever is more convenient for you, we can do. We want to make sure that you get the most convenient service possible at Title Work by Sharon.

Question: How much does it cost to do a Court Order?

Answer: The cost of doing a Court Order can vary widely by situation. There are also fees involved with the court house. It is best to get a quote from Title Work by Sharon by giving us a call at 918-809-1375, or by filling out our "Get a Quote" form on our website, and we will call you with a realistic quote. I can assure you that we are competitive in our prices, and have done our research in order to offer the lowest prices possible.

Question: How much does it cost if you cannot find where/if the vehicle was ever registered? (Publication)

Answer: We use a local newspaper to print a publication upon the OK tax Commission's request, the additional fee varies by situation, Call us at Title Work by Sharon for any questions, 918-809-1375

Question: Do I have to live in Oklahoma to obtain a Court Order?

Answer: Due to different policy and regulations, each state has different rules regarding obtaining legal ownership of a vehicle. In order to obtain a title through the state of Oklahoma, you are required to be a legal resident of Oklahoma. We will need an Oklahoma address in order to obtain the title for you. However, if you have any concern about your particular situation, give us a call at Title Work by Sharon, at 918-809-1375, and we can answer any of your questions!

Question: Why does it cost more for out of state titles?

Answer: Due to different policy and regulations of other states, Title Work by Sharon has to research and contact other states for information. Many states charge higher fees to obtain vehicle registration information that is needed to process the title. This can also add time to the overall process in the beginning, due to the fact that the state of registration has to return the needed information before we can begin the notification process.

Question: Will I actually get a title of ownership?

Answer: As soon as Title Work by Sharon sends you the Court Order approval, you will need to take the paperwork to your local tag agency, where they will issue you a title and a tag. We have a perfect success rate in obtaining approvals. It is always possible for an application to be turned down, but we have worked with this process long enough to know which situations are possible or not. We will be realistic with you regarding your situation and the possibility of obtaining an ownership title for your vehicle.

Question: What kind of vehicle does the Court Order process work for?

Answer: The same procedures apply for any vehicle, car, truck, van, boat/boat motor, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, manufactured home, snow-mobiles, semi, UTVs and ATVs. If you register it through the tag agency, and it has a VIN number, you can do a Court Order on it.

Question: Can I do this process myself?

Answer: You cannot usually process a Court Order on your own. You usually need an attorney to do so. The process is lengthy and different situations fall under very specific criteria and time-frames. Title Work by Sharon has been doing this for many years, and is constantly keeping updated regarding process changes. We have found many people who attempt the process themselves struggle for a while before finally giving up and paying for the service to be done in the end (wasting time that could be used in getting it started). Please contact us if you are concerned about our ability to get a title for you.

Question: What if there is a lien on the vehicle?

Answer: If there are liens, we will need to do a Title 42 instead of a Court Order. Check out more info about Title 42s from the home page link. The title 42 process is still just as possible to complete, even with lien(s).

Question: Will I have to pay any penalties or tag agency charges?

Answer: You will be required to pay taxes and transfer fees at the tag agency, just as if you were buying the vehicle from a dealer. Depending on the situation, the Oklahoma Tax Commission can sometimes leave penalties as well, if the vehicle had previous penalties.

Question: If the process is taking longer than it should, is there something to worry about?

Answer: The process varies with each situation,1 week is an average length of time that we expect from our experience with completing court orders. Regardless, you are always welcome to contact us regarding your court order, and we can update you. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, we are dealing with many different government agencies during this process (USPS, OK Tax Commission, Courthouses, etc.) and we are not always in full control of how long a particular title might take. We always do our best to get your title as fast as possible, and the time listed is an estimate of how long it usually takes us.

Question: How much do you charge to do the Court Order process?

Answer: Title Work by Sharon charges a standard up-front fee, based on where the vehicle is registered. There will also be a court fee. Each situation is different. Please contact us for our current prices, as they vary widely by situation. Please call Sharon at 918-809-1375 or email

Question: When do I have to pay for the Court Order?

Answer: Title Work by Sharon charges a standard up-front fee. Please call Sharon at 918-809-1375 or email if you have any concerns/questions regarding our payment process.

Question: How can I pay?

Answer: We accept Cash, Money orders, PayPal and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not accept personal checks. You can pay by phone, through text/email, send everything by mail, pay through our website, or we can meet in person to exchange information and payment. Whatever works best for you, we can do!

Question: How much does it cost if you cannot find where/if the vehicle was ever registered? (Publication)

Answer: We use a local newspaper to print a publication upon the OK tax Commission's request, the additional fee varies by situation, Call us at Title Work by Sharon for any questions, 918-809-1375.

Question: I have several cars that I need titles for, do you offer a multi-vehicle discount?

Answer: Contact Title Work by Sharon to find out about any multi-car discounts. We would be glad to work with you on a discount, if you will be starting the Title work for the vehicles at the same time! Call us for a quote, at 918-809-1375!

Question: Am I guaranteed that this process will work for me?

Answer: Although we have had a complete success rate and will do everything in our power to assist you in getting a title, we cannot guarantee that your title will be approved by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. However, we have been doing this for about 30 years, and know a lot about the process and new changes. So, if we feel that you should have any concern, or we do not think you should apply, we will definitely express our concerns and opinions honestly. We want you to be informed and confident about your decision, as well as successful in your process. We have not failed in getting a title for a customer yet!

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