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Have an abandoned vehicle in your possession?


We can get you a title!


We specialize in obtaining vehicle ownership through the *Title 42 process and **Court Orders

*The Title 42 lien filing process should be filed if there is an abandoned vehicle left on your property, if you are a mechanic shop, a wrecker service, or any one who has legal possession of a vehicle, has carried out any service to it and has not collected payment from the owner(s).The process requires the registered owner(s) to pay the amount owed (by a certain date) in order to reclaim possession of the vehicle. If the registered owner(s) fail to pay on time the Oklahoma Tax Commission will grant ownership to the person with possession of the vehicle (who carried out the services) as means of compensation for the unpaid service(s). The Title 42 process usually takes about 10-12 weeks.

**A Court Order should be filed if you bought a vehicle without a title. With this process, I will help you obtain you a tag and title in your name anywhere from 5 to 11 days from the date that you hire us for the job.

Hello, my name is Sharon.

I have been doing Title 42s for over 20 years, due to my husband owning a wrecker service...

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